Hot Water Extraction

Green Cleaning

In Idaho Falls and Rexburg we try to live healthy lives. Madison County is one of the healthiest counties in the United States.  East Idaho carpet cleaning uses green carpet cleaning products.  Using green carpet cleaning products can help you keep your home safer, especially if you have kids or pets crawling around on the carpet.   You don’t have to worry about them breathing in toxic chemicals when you are using East Idaho Carpet Cleaning to professionally clean the carpets in your home, apartment or business.

Residue Free Carpet Cleaning

East Idaho Carpet Cleaning uses soap free zero residue cleaning solution that will help prolong the life of your carpets here in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and surrounding areas.  Many of the cleaners available in stores are soap based cleaners that leave residue.   Dirt and grime stick to the soapy residue causing wear patterns in high traffic areas and damage to the carpet fibers.   When dirt gets into your carpets it begins to act like sand paper on the carpet fibers.  The dirt in the carpet causes the fibers to untwist resulting in faster wear and tear in traffic areas.  When the carpet fibers become scratched it changes the appearance of the carpets.  Depending on the type of carpet this can cause a gray appearance to the carpet by the way the light reflects off the scratched fibers.

East Idaho Carpet cleaning recommends using only soap free zero residue carpet cleaning solutions.  You have too much money invested into your carpets to not properly maintain them, like you would any other investment.

Hot Water Steam Extraction Cleaning

The founder of East Idaho Carpet Cleaning has been serving Rexburg, Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas of Eastern Idaho for several years and having done both dry cleaning and steam cleaning we have seen the results of both and there are befits to each method but to properly get the dirt out of your carpets we highly recommend a hot water steam extraction cleaning.  Other companies claim to have fast drying times but  buffering the surface of the carpets with a wet bonnet in a carpet cleaning service will not penetrate deep into the carpet fibers like a professional steam cleaning will.  Rinsing the carpets with hot water will penetrate deep into the carpets fibers for better healthier results this is worth a longer drying time.  To properly get down deep in your residential, commercial, or rental properties we use a commercial grade steam cleaning extraction system that has proven to leave real results.


east idaho carpte cleaning stairs before after - Copy

Affordable Carpet Cleaner vs Cheap Carpet Cleaner

We know money doesn’t grow on trees and understand that we would all like to get our carpets professionally cleaned, but often times it is too expensive to hire someone.  East Idaho Carpet Cleaning often has people say they can’t believe how “cheap” we are for the quality of our work.    Yes we are half the price of many of the carpet cleaners in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Rexburg, Shelley and surrounding areas.   However our prices do not reflect the quality of our work.  We are not “cheap” we are a affordable carpet cleaning service that believe in being honest and fair with our customers and will treat you the way we would like to be treated.   We are not going to take advantage of our fellow Idahoans, and that’s why we charge what we feel is fair to us and fair to you.   We use commercial grade carpet cleaners and equipment that will have real results on your next carpet cleaning for 1/3 of the price of the other guys, simple as that.

Our reviews speak for themselves:

Special Stain Removal

Life happens  and unfortunately carpets end up with stains.  East Idaho Carpet Cleaning has trained technicians that will be able to assess the stain and let you know if they think it will come out.  We have a variety of special stain removers but unfortunately we cannot get all stains out of your carpets, however we have had great success with several different types of stains.

Red Stains

East Idaho carpet cleaning has had great success with our special red stain removal process.  Often we have had customers that have tried to use their own house hold cleaners to try and take out red stains often this  results in people accidently bleaching out there carpets or putting cleaners that are not made for carpets on the stain which can result in damage to the carpets.  We recommend calling East Idaho Carpet Cleaning if you have a red stain on your carpets. Don’t touch it.  Let our professionals take care of it.