Neighbors Save Big on Carpet Cleaning

Get 2 or more neighbors to schedule carpet cleaning on the same day and each neighbor saves up to $40.

$109, $149 For 3 rooms and 1 hallway

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Hot water, high-end equipment, and 10 years of experience makes for fresh, clean, carpets. We specialize in affordable hot water steam extraction for residue free carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We service residential, commercial and rental properties. Running 3 vans, we have emergency service and a van coming to your area soon.

We love carpets so much we even offer the most affordable flood water cleanup in Eastern Idaho.

Note: Make sure your carpet cleaning professional is using hot water extraction and a brush (Rotary or counter rotating) for a deeper longer lasting clean. Many cut corners by only using chemicals.


1. Pre-inspection

First we pre-inspect your carpet condition, stains, and degree of overall soiling.

2. Pre-treat

We use pet and people friendly products to pre-treat the entire carpet.

3. Spot Treatment

When we find a stain or heavily soiled area we will treat with degreasers and odor removers.

4. Agitation

Gently agitate to loosen soil, hair, and stains from the carpet fibres using the counter rotating brush or rotary brush.

5. Hot Water Rinse

Complete hot water steam rinse (230 Degrees, 300 PSI).

6. Extraction

Extract everything leaving the surface clean, fresh smelling, and almost dry to the touch.

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Find Pet & Deep Stains

Even if you don't know were Clifford soiled the carpet, we can save the day. Using a UV light, we can identify trouble areas and apply pet odor and stain remover.  

Pets are no problem. We use a counter rotating brush or rotary brush bringing up hidden pet hair for a difference you can see and feel.

Hot Water Extraction

With over 10 years of experience we have seen both dry carpet cleaning and hot water steam cleaning. Each has merit but to properly get the dirt out of your carpets we highly recommend a hot water steam extraction cleaning. Other companies claim to have fast drying times but buffering the surface of the carpets with a wet bonnet in a carpet cleaning service will not penetrate deep into the carpet fibers like a professional steam cleaning will. Rinsing the carpets with hot water will penetrate deep into the carpets fibers for better healthier results this is worth a longer drying time. To properly get down deep in your residential, commercial, or rental properties we use a commercial grade steam cleaning extraction system that has proven to leave real results.

Red Stain Removal

When the stains are red or deep, we utilize advanced cleaning and steaming methods to restore carpets to their original color. This process takes more time and is an up charge. If you have a red stain, give us a call for more information.


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